Exploring the WishList Member Dashboard

In this video, we take a tour of the WishList Member Dashboard and all the useful features it has available for you.

Video Transcription

In this video, we're going to take a look at the WishList Member Dashboard page. Now, this is a snapshot of your entire membership site access to important information and so forth. So the big thing that you're going to see right off the top on the left-hand side here is your membership stats. So this is giving you a snapshot of your membership. We'll start down here, you're going to see all of your different membership levels listed. You're going to see who's in each particular membership level. And so that gives you an idea of what's going on in that regard.

And then over here, you're going to see a number of different stats that are aggregated. So for example, over here, we see all users. We can see this site has two total users. And then it's broken down between members and non-members. So essentially, the difference is, a member's going to be someone who has a membership level, any Membership Level inside of WishList Member. That Membership Level can even be canceled because it's still attached to them. It's just in a canceled status. Okay? So anybody who has a Membership Level is going to be considered a member. And then anybody on your site that doesn't have a Membership Level is going to be considered a non-member. So on this particular site, the two users on the site are both admin users. We're not actually members of the site in terms of being part of a membership or whatever, and so we're considered non-members.

Now, the useful part of that is, is it helps you to get a snapshot of what's going on with your site. So sometimes, I've seen this since maybe a little bit older of an issue, but you may have people who find some way to sign up to your site without actually going through WishList Member, going through that registration process, maybe they're leaving comments or things along those lines. Maybe you have it attached to a public blog or something along those lines. You're going to get a snapshot and be able to see, “Hey, why do I have all of these non-members that are a part of my site,” and you can click through and you can see those people, and then you can easily get rid of them or do whatever you need to do there. So that's the idea behind here. You can see all the users who are actually members registered through your membership site dashboard, who were non-members and so forth.

And then the rest of these are, I think become a little bit more obvious. So then you have how many active members you have. Again, this is aggregated. So as long as they have one active level, they'll be considered an active member. How many are canceled from any level expired, needs approval, unconfirmed? Okay? So this is, if you have admin approval turned on, this is you have email confirmation turned on.

Now, the numbers themselves, there's certain utility there, but the big thing is, is that let's say this needs approval here. Now this has zero, but if we had some, I could click through into here and what this will do is, it will actually take me to the Members tab and it'll search for me. So you can see it needs approval. Is the search here? It'll show me all of the members that need approval for your membership website. And now I can go through here and just approve them. The same thing with unconfirmed, expired, canceled. When you click on these, that's become… When they become really useful because now you can get a search and get those exact members to show up in a list and you can do what you need to do with them.

It's the same down here. If you click on the Gold here, it will take you to All Members. It'll take you to the Members tab with a search for all of the members of the Gold level or the Trial level or whatever level you click. If you click on these numbers, that's going to take you to anybody who's a member of the Gold level and is also an active status or canceled status, or expired, needs approval and unconfirmed. So, you could do it on a level by level basis here. So that's where this becomes very, very useful here is when you actually click on these to do what you need to do to manage and administer your site.

You can also search for users here in the search box here, if you need to search for particular users right here on the dashboard. And then, over on the right-hand side, we of course, have links to support area tutorials, Help Docs. If you need to contact support of your interest in the API, we have all of that here. We have our Update section here.

Now, I purposely installed an older version of WishList Member just to be able to show you this. So this is what will look like when you have an upgrade available. You can either download it and upload it via FTP, or you can click the upgrade button here. So we're going to go ahead and click the Upgrade button here. And as you'll see here, what this does is, it downloaded the update. It is unpacked and installed. It updated the plugin, and then it reactivated it. So the one-click upgrade is really the easiest way to do this. So then we can return back to WishList Member to the dashboard page. And now we will see that we no longer have an update available because we've upgraded to the latest version. Of course, you can always click this Check for Updates button to do a manual check if you want, but we check it periodically to keep this up-to-date for you.

All right. Next is the License information. So you'll see your license key here that you've activated for this site. You can deactivate the license on this just to make a distinction here. This doesn't deactivate the plugin itself. It just deactivates the license for this particular site. So, maybe you're on a local… Doing some local development for the site or you're using a domain that's not going to be your actual live production domain, and you're ready to move from your test site or your demo site to your actual live site, and you need to move the license, you can go into your demo site and you can deactivate the licenses there. And now that that license is freed up for you to then install it on your production site and so forth. So that's what this can be useful for.

And then of course, we have the Getting Started wizard here, which we'll go through in another video. So that's the Dashboard page. Again, it gives you a snapshot of your membership site. Also gives you quick access to some of the things that you would need in terms of support and updates, license information, and that sort of thing.

WishList Member™ is a full-featured membership site plugin for WordPress. Here’s a list of some the easy-to-use features you’ll find inside.

Unlimited Membership Levels

Unlimited Membership Levels

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Total Content Control

Total Content Control

Just click the “Hide” button to protect exclusive content for members of a particular level. Create “modular” memberships and hide content from other levels.


Beginner-Friendly. No Code

Quickly create your membership site without any coding or hassling with complicated settings. Use the Getting Started Wizard to get started in 5 minutes or less.

50+ Integrations

50+ Integrations

Integrate with all your favorite payment processors, email providers and third-party apps including PayPal, Stripe, Aweber, MailChimp, LearnDash, Zapier and more.

Fast & Friendly Support

Fast & Friendly Support

A dedicated support staff and development team waiting to help you every step of the way. A company that's been in business for 12+ years. Your in good hands.

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