Can an Affiliate Program be used with WishList Member?

Answer: Yes. WishList Member integrates with Easy Affiliate Pro – an all-in-one plugin that enables you to create a self-hosted affiliate program on your WordPress website.

WishList Member payment provider integrations currently supported by the Easy Affiliate Pro integration are:

– PayPal Checkout: Tracking of Sales, Recurring Payments.
– PayPal Payment Standard (Legacy): Tracking of Sales, Recurring Payments.
– Stripe: Tracking of Sales, Recurring Payments.
– Simple Checkout: Tracking of Sales.

Alternatively WishList Member also includes an integration with iDev Affiliate tracking software. You can also use systems like ClickBank and 1ShoppingCart to successfully manage affiliates.

If you have further questions about using an affiliate program with WishList Member, please reach out to WishList Member Customer Service.