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Marketing Automation for your Membership Site with WooFunnels, Autonami and WishList Member

Get access to this exclusive webinar to learn how to deliver marketing automation to take your user experience to the next level.



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About The Webinar

Things You Will Learn

How to build and sell your memberships using WooFunnels, a WooCommerce based sales funnel builder

How to include Upsells and Downsells to increase basket value while selling your memberships using WooFunnels and Autonami

How to trigger a fully automated onboarding process for your members as a post-purchase automation

How to get started with Autonami and get the most out it's integration with WishList Member

How to use Autonami integrations to trigger actions within the WishList Member plugin

Plus much more during the live webinar

Meet The Guest

Daman Jeet is the co-founder of XLPlugins.com. Based out of New Delhi, India, they build tools & solutions to help WooCommerce store owners boost conversions.

His entrepreneurial stint started at age 19 with writing, publishing and selling course books. Later, he went on to start Wisetr Tech Pvt. Ltd., a full-fledged WordPress services arm that today serves clients globally and proudly parents XLPlugins.

Passionate about meeting people and a chai-lover- he loves striking conversations over freshly-prepared tea. Just say hello! He’ll take care of the rest.