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Evidence Integration with WishList Member

WishList Member includes an integration with Evidence.

This can be used to display a notification on your site when a new member joins.

Step 1: Create a Webhook

In order to integrate WishList Member with Evidence, WishList Member needs a “Webhook URL” to send the data to. Let’s create one now.

Log into Evidence and click Sources.

Click the + to add a new source.

Name your source WishList Member, and select Webhook Received. Click Create.

Click Copy to copy the Webhook URL.

Step 2: Connect to WishList Member

Log in to your WordPress account, and hover over WishList Member. Select Setup.

Click Integrations.

Click Other Services.

Click the Evidence module.

Toggle the integration On.

Paste the Evidence Webhook URL that you created in Step 1 into the “Default Webhook URL” box.

Click Apply.

Click Test.

Step 3 (Optional): WishList Member Custom Settings

This section will allow you to customize the information sent to Evidence based on the Membership Level that was joined.

Click Levels.

Click the pencil icon on the membership level that you would like to edit.

Click the toggle to Enable custom text.

Since WishList Member has no location information (such as City and State) to send Evidence, you can instead set custom text to go to Evidence instead, as well as custom text for the Action line in Evidence. Here is an example based on my settings.

The Evidence notification based on the settings above could look like this:

(Optional): You can also choose to have specific membership levels send to a different Evidence Webhook URL. You might want to do this if you want to display upgrades to a specific membership on a different page from the rest.

Once you have made all of your desired changes, click Save & Close.

Step 4: Evidence WishList Member Source Settings

Because you clicked the Test button in the previous step, Evidence has now received a webhook from WishList Member. Go back to your WishList Member source.

  1. Click the dropdown and select any fields you would like to pull from the webhook.
  2. Assign field types to each field. (Don’t forget to assign First Name and Email).
  3. Toggle the source from OFF to ON.

Click Save and then click Publish.

You are now able to use your WishList Member source within an Evidence notification.

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