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Create Automations Using Uncanny Automator

Uncanny Automator is a plugin that allows you to create automatic processes on your site. These automations can be set up based on a number of different triggers and actions.

This becomes even more useful when paired with WishList Member.

The Uncanny Automator site includes a page with additional details and sample WishList Member Recipes.

You can also check out the additional systems that integrate with Uncanny Automator.

The first video touches on installing, activating and getting the Uncanny Automations plugin set up. It also gets into a sample of the many options that can be used with WishList Member.

For example, adding a Member to a course when they join a Level, redirecting to a landing page, etc.

Installing and Getting Started with Uncanny Automator

There are many additional options including applying tags, adding to email lists, adding to a course and more. The video below digs into more examples of automations that can be applied.

Additional Options with Uncanny Automator

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