Monetize Your Podcast and Build a Thriving Listener Community In a Single, Integrated Platform

Listen to my podcast here, join my Patreon there, subscribe to my mailing list here, buy my courses there… is it any wonder so many podcasters struggle to monetize their podcast?

Now, imagine you had a single, integrated platform to build your listener community, interact with subscribers and sell your products and services.

You can with WordPress and WishList Member.


How Podcasters Typically Try to Monetize Their Content

Earn Peanuts With Annoying Ads On Your Podcast

Podcasters hate ads. Podcast listeners hate ads. Yet, it’s the most common way podcasters try to monetize their episodes. Unfortunately, you’ll need millions of listeners to make any significant money with ads.

Especially difficult if you run a niche podcast.

Instead, smart podcasters build communities around their podcast and offer a full array of products, services, memberships, merchandise and more — to make good money from even tiny podcast communities.

With WordPress and WishList Member, you can do exactly that… all inside a single, integrated platform.

Sell Your Soul to Patreon by Creating a Listener Community On Their Platform

The other common approach to podcast monetization is Patreon. And while we love and appreciate Patreon, it can be clunky and only supports a very strict content delivery model.

Not to mention… you’re building their business, not yours. And they can rip that business out from underneath you at any moment if they decide they don’t like you.

With WordPress and WishList Member, you own your platform and never have to worry about getting deplatformed. Plus, you can deliver your content YOUR way and building a thriving podcast community that grows and grows for years to come.

Build a Podcast Community You Own and Control, Grow Your Podcast and Earn More Revenue

Build a Thriving Listener Community and Increase Your Exposure

Every podcaster wants their listenership to grow. Some hope and pray they “go viral” or get featured by iTunes, others take control and methodically build their following to the point the podcast networks simply can’t ignore them.

And they do that by building an engaged community around their podcast. Not just subscribers or email optins, but a true, highly engaged following of listeners and paying customers.

An “army” sotospeak… that grows over time and actively promotes your podcast — and supports you monetarily. With WordPress and WishList Member, you can build that kind of community all in a single, integrated platform that YOU own.

Monetize Your Podcast by Easily Adding Exclusive Content For Supporting Listeners

Imagine what it’s like for your listeners: subscribe to my podcast here, join my mailing list here, read my blog there, become a supporting listener over on Patreon, buy my course in yet another place. All the accounts, passwords to keep track of and so on.

It’s exhausting.

Instead you can build a community of supporting listeners that get access to exclusive content in the exact same place you release episodes, post to your blog, sell your online courses, provide your one-on-one coaching and more.

Sell Your Products and Services

Most podcasters only monetize their episodes in one or two ways: 1) ads and 2) Patreon. But the most successful podcasters create numerous streams of revenue to support their podcast.

A supporting listener membership, online courses, one-on-one coaching, services, merchandise and more.

The downside is most have to duct tape together 4 or 5 different services to make that happen — which is a nightmare for your listeners. But, with WordPress and WishList Member, you can offer a full line of products and services all inside a single, integrated platform — with a single login for your customers.

All In a Single, Integrated Platform With a Single Login For Your Listeners

One account, one username, one password. A single, integrated platform for all the ways you want to monetize your podcast. A thriving and engaged community to help you grow your podcast.

With WordPress and WishList Member, you can build it. With access to thousands of free and low-cost themes and plugins, you can make your site look and function exactly how you want.

With the tools to make it all happen so you don’t have to hire expensive developers or try and duct tape 17 different systems together or settle for less than what you want.

What Other Podcasters Say

When your model for Podcast Monetization is the membership site and/or the Premium Podcast, you need to own every step of the process. Putting into the hands of anyone adds a level of completely unnecessary risk. Tracy and his WishList Member team have been doing this (seemingly) forever, the tech is solid (not like so many of their competitors), and the support is there for when you need help.

Paul Colligan


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