[PODCAST] Episode 5: Andrew Lock – Top Marketing Expert Shares Walt Disney’s Entrepreneurial Secrets

In this episode, we got to talk with Andrew Lock. He tells us about how he went from being a cameraman for the BBC to becoming a giant in the online marketing space.

You’ll want to check out Andrew’s book “Walt Disney’s Way” and discover how to build a better business (including membership sites) using the Magical Marketing Strategies of Walt Disney.

You can learn more about what Andrew is doing by visiting his website AndrewLock.com or MagicalMarketingExperience.com

Here are some highlights and things you won’t want to miss in the episode:

  • The unbelievable story of how this former BBC cameraman leveraged his one skill to network with internet marketing giants like Yanik Silver and Dan Kennedy. He built a thriving online business, and became one of the big names in online marketing. Starting as a complete nobody. If you’ve ever wondered if you can do this, his crazy story will let you know: You absolutely can. (0:00)
  • The clever way Andrew Lock got a free membership in Yanik Silver’s prestigious and highly-exclusive mastermind group. You can use this same method to potentially land gigs, interviews, free products and even get your products promoted by the biggest names in online marketing. Imagine the kind of boost in sales that would give your business. (1:06)
  • Andrew Lock shares the dark place he felt during the pandemic and how he was able to pull himself out of it. Also, how you can use what he learned to help you through the tough times in your business and life. (17:31)
  • The secret to nearly effortless business success. Almost everybody gets this wrong and it causes years of frustration and needless suffering. Follow Andrew’s advice and success, motivation, persistence, and consistency in your business is almost guaranteed (10:21)
  • How a virtually undetectable issue with your website is almost certainly killing your conversions right this second — and how to use one of Walt Disney’s closely-guarded entrepreneurial secrets to fix it fast (30:37)
  • A sneaky way Disney basically “manipulates” kids into upselling their parents at Disney theme parks. Also, how to use this devious tactic ethically to more easily sell your online courses (29:13)
  • The big mistake Disney’s new CEO is making that would have Walt rolling over in his grave — learn what NOT do during a recession (33:18)
  • The secret to a thriving online business. It’s simply really… Do this and you’ll likely be the one getting interviewed on podcasts. Don’t and you’ll almost certainly continue to struggle (37:47)
  • The M_______ Test. A brain-dead simple way to test if the topic you teach is a good fit for a membership site (Plus, an even easier way to find a nearly endless supply of hot topics and killer content ideas you CAN build a membership site around) (39:33)
  • The insidious trap almost all new entrepreneurs fall into that causes them to struggle needlessly — often for years with many NEVER figuring it out (This could be holding you back right now) — and a simple way to avoid it. (10:43)
  • “I________ kills entrepreneurs”. A hard lesson learned from the pandemic and how to overcome the #1 entrepreneur “killer”. (16:37)
  • The retention lesson every membership sites needs to learn from Walt Disney’s theme parks. It really is the difference between a membership site that slowly withers and dies no matter what else you try and one that grows and grows almost effortlessly (25:32)
  • The “Kodak” Test. How even the color of the pavement at Disney’s theme parks has been rigorously tested to subconsciously lure you in — and how you can apply this principle to your websites, courses, and memberships to boost sales (26:43)
  • How Disney uses “fake smells” to upsell parents in its theme parks. Disney literally invented a machine to do this and Andrew explains how to take this idea and apply it to your online courses and memberships in an authentic way to boost conversions. (29:36)

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