[PODCAST] Episode 6: Tyler Garns – Big Pharma Turned Small Biz Owner Talks Success, Endurance, Self-Doubt, and Membership Site Tech

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In this episode, we talk with Tyler Garns about a variety of subjects from leadership to endurance, self-doubt, and even some membership site tech.

Tyler went from working for a big pharmaceutical company to a fast growing startup and then finally to starting his own thriving business. His journey has many ups and downs which he explains in the show even mentioning that we should all be more open about or failures to encourage other entrepreneurs that’s it’s part of the process.

At the core, Tyler mentions he is a “tech nerd” and his love of technology led him to working for a fast growing startup called Infusionsoft. It was there he learned more about marketing and really developed into the expert he is today eventually taking the leap to start his own business.

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