[PODCAST] Episode 4: Micah Mitchell

In the fourth episode of the Memberships and Courses Podcast, Tracy Childers interviews Micah Mitchell about how he metamorphosed from a consultant to an entrepreneur and helped built hundreds if not thousands of membership sites and online courses.

Micah is a serial entrepreneur. He was one of the earliest Infusionsoft consultants and helped some of the popular names in the membership space set up their membership programs. He co-founded a popular membership site plugin Memberium and owns WishList.

To give you just a taste of what you’ll gain from listening to this episode…

  • How Micah got his start in online business and the dead simple way he landed big name marketing clients even when he was brand new to Infusionsoft (01:43)
  • Micah’s “dark night of the soul” — the book that awakened his entrepreneurial spirit and the “all-nighter” that changed his life (08:19)
  • The “silent millionaires” in online business — entrepreneurs who quietly make “really good money” that almost nobody knows about (and how they do it) (10:41)
  • The Ed Sheeran Fallacy — how smart, tech-savvy entrepreneurs are at a *disadvantage* when it comes to building membership sites (12:20)
  • How to attract high-level mentors who are excited to help you build your online business (14:30)
  • An easy way to get more done in a day than many marketers or online business owners get done in a month (16:42)
  • A clever way to get online business gurus to share all their secrets without paying a penny for their advice (19:08)
  • Micah’s “burn the bridges” approach to building Memberium and how it transformed his business from mediocre to one of the top plugins in the membership space (24:34)
  • The “Sticky Note Story” — Micah’s unorthodox (read: crazy) method to inspire and motivate himself — even when everything seems to be crashing around you (25:54)
  • How to brainwash yourself into success (28:25)
  • Why physical health is critical to being successful in business (29:57)
  • The 4 phases of building a successful membership site — HINT: the secret to membership success is doing the right things at the right time. Here’s what that looks like (31:30)
  • The “smallest, dumbest” approach to business-building and why it’s a superior method for building an online business (34:12)
  • Micah’s one regret — if he could go back and change one thing, this is what he’d do different (37:46)

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