[PODCAST] Episode 3: Armand Morin

In this episode, our host, Tracy, interviews Armand Morin who is one of the pioneers of the e-learning industry as we see it today.  He figured out how to build and sell membership sites and online courses as early as the late 90s. To give you just a taste of what you’ll gain from listening to this episode…

  • The crude, 1-page membership site that made Armand $4.2 million in just 12 weeks from his very first information product. How he did it and how you can use this technique today to crank out a high quality membership site in just a few days (04:23).
  • A new for 2022 strategy used by Amazon to sell their products that you can copy with free software you likely already have downloaded on your computer (42:02).
  • The Millionaire Mindset. How the world’s top online marketers stay focused and crank out risky new projects without breaking a sweat (which is the big reason why they succeed where everyone else fails) (07:20).
  • The merchant account mistake that cost Armand $2 million and what to do so this doesn’t happen to you. Many online businesses are at risk and don’t even know it. Are you sure your money is safe and secure? (9:08)
  • A clever way to create winning software ideas and why every information publisher should be creating software (12:16, 16:23).
  • Nicheception. How uncover profitable “niches within niches” to boost conversion, find more customers, and maximize what you earn (39:03).
  • A sneaky way to use Google to build a thriving community inside your membership site (and watch your retention rates skyrocket) (25:15).
  • The secret to work-life balance. How Armand runs multiple 6 and 7-figure memberships while training for and competing in multiple Taekwondo tournaments each month (33:49)
  • After over $200 million sold online, Armand’s insight on what is hands-down the best kind of software to sell. If you’re selling anything else, you’re probably losing money (17:23).
  • Armand’s “offline” method for boosting retention rates and a caveman-simple way to implement the same strategy virtually (28:04)
  • A devious way to turn one product into 5, 10, even 100 different “products” without changing a single thing about the product itself. This is Armand’s #1 strategy for growing his businesses and how he reached over $200 million sold online (36:44).
  • The “micro-SaaS” secret. How to use simple, one-feature software to create millions in revenue without all the technical headaches (15:05).
  • The critical difference between course creators who make it big and those who fail miserably. Armand’s one-word answer might surprise you (18:45).

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