[PODCAST] Episode 2: John Childers

In this episode, our host, Tracy, interviews John Childers who has been involved with courses and online business in some form or fashion since the 80s. To give you just a taste of what you’ll gain from listening to this episode…

  • The secret to captivating any audience — whether you’re a speaker, YouTuber, podcaster, teacher, or coach. Even if you’ve never given a speech before. (03:29)
  • How to create a new course from idea to completion in just a few days — a course that’ll be better than 99% of the courses out there (that probably took months, agonizing over every detail, to create). (19:10).
  • A clever way to turn your online course into a high-end service with no extra work on your part (36:10).
  • Word-for-word what to say when someone accuses you of making your money “selling courses” and not the topic you’re teaching (23:04).
  • How to “bluff” your want into any industry. You don’t need to be an expert, you don’t need a product, you don’t even need to be running your online business full-time, yet. A clever way old school direct marketers wormed their way into new markets with no experience, no credentials, and nothing to sell (05:20).
  • A sneaky way to get bestselling authors, celebrities, and multi-million dollar online business owners to create your course curriculum for you (16:04).
  • Never run out of content for your membership site. A clever way to tap into an endless source of content discovered by an old school telephone marketer (30:08).

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