[PODCAST] Episode 13: Sandra DeFreitas – Engaged Groups CEO Shares Insider Knowledge On How You Can Build A Thriving Online Community

Links Mentioned in the Show:

Sandra DeFreitas’s Facebook Group
Sandra’s Website

In this episode of the Memberships and Courses podcast, we speak with business coach and CEO of EngagedGroups.com, Sandra DeFreitas. Sandra shares with you some insider secrets on how you can build your audience, grow your community, get engaged members and get them ready to buy your next launch!

Just a few highlights from this episode:

  • This is what your online community actually wants from you that they can’t get from almost every email you send (07:06)
  • Learn why creating a community for your Membership Site & Courses are extremely vital to your success. (08:52)
  • How you can go from being a “newbie” to a community expert – and the answer is so obvious, you won’t believe you’re not doing it yet! (13:38)
  • Discover the main reason why people join communities and how you can capitalize on it. (31:20)

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