[PODCAST] Episode 12: Dave Dee – No Holds Barred, World Class Speaker Talks One-To-Many Selling and Direct-Response Marketing

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In this episode of the Memberships and Courses Podcast, you’ll hear from Dave Dee, World Class Speaker, Webinar Selling Expert, and Trusted Advisor to some of the biggest names in the world of marketing talk about his journey from getting fired from his job to closing 7-figure deals that have helped him live his dream life.

Dave held nothing back as he shared the secrets to creating a Sales Stampede and Content that Sells. This podcast episode is a must-listen for you if you’re a motivated self-employed professional who would love to change the world with your product, online course, or service, but you’re in a constant struggle to close sales.

Here are just a few highlights from the episode:

  • You were taught wrong – the mindset Dave had to unlearn that helped him recover from being dug deep in debt, doing three shows a month to doing 57 shows a month, debt-free and living his best life. Unlearn it ASAP! (05:35)
  • Truth bomb –  you’re NOT that special… Learn about this counter-intuitive belief that’s holding you, and many others, back and how you can turn this into an advantage for your business. (07:47)
  • How Dave went from being the guy who bombed in front of keynote speakers and hundreds of people to being the guy who sold $330,000 worth of products in less than 75 minutes. He shares all the secret tricks with you step-by-step! (13:54)
  • Dave spills the simplest way you can create a connection with your audience while still maintaining authenticity. This has helped him, and countless other students close more deals and gain more high-ticket clients.  (16:48)
  • Learn exactly what you need to share with your audience that will get them hooked and wanting more. (22:31)
  • Stop doing the impossible! Dave shares why ******* is actually doing you and your audience a disservice. This is often the reason why most people don’t buy what you’re selling. (23:56). 
  • Find out about the clever persuasion tactics Dave uses that have helped his clients make more than $400,000 in one go! (31:38)
  • The untapped resource you’re overlooking – learn where you can find your biggest breakthroughs that will keep you from becoming a commodity in your niche and help you become the GO-TO for your customers. (45:02) 
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