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[Now CourseCure] WishList Member Add-Ons: Quizzes Overview

NOTE: The WishList Member Add-ons Plugin has been transitioned into the CourseCure Plugin.

Information on migrating from WishList Member Add-ons to CourseCure is available HERE.

The updated Documentation for this article can be found HERE.

The WishList Member Quizzes Add-on can be used to add quizzes functionality to your site.

The video includes examples of setting up questions and answers for a quiz and creating triggers based on quiz results. Interacting with other Add-ons like Courses, Badges and Points are also touched on.

Additional WishList Member Add-ons articles/videos can be found here.

Note: Page Builders can be used with the WishList Member Add-ons plugin since the course library, modules and lessons pages are standard WordPress custom post types.

There is an important detail to keep in mind if using WishList Member Add-ons and a Page Builder. Courses, Lessons and Modules (and Quizzes) typically need to be enabled within the post types section of the Page Builder. This allows for those sections to be edited using a Page Builder.

More details are available in this Knowledge Base entry.

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