A Single Platform to Run Your Entire Coaching Business

Why bubble gum and duct tape 15 different technology platforms together when you can run your entire coaching business using a single integrated platform?

Collect payments, create accounts and deliver content all inside a single WordPress install with WishList Member.


Most Coaches Fall Into These Technology Traps

A Confusing Web of Disjointed Platforms Duct Taped Together

Integrate this here, connect that to Zapier there, get this API key from that place and dump into this place… it seems like the only way to get creative with your coaching business and run it the way YOU want is to stitch a bunch of different systems together — and pray it doesn’t all come crashing down.

And, that’s just for the coaching piece. Want to create a well-rounded business with multiple product types (coaching, courses, services, etc)? No problem. just add 18 more pieces of software and you’re all set!

Not with WishList Member. Integrate your favorite payment provider (Stripe, PayPal, WooCommerce, etc) to collect payments, create accounts and deliver your content all inside a single install of the industry-standard publishing platform, WordPress .

Cookie-Cutter Platforms That Box You Into a Single Way of Running Your Coaching Business

Success in business is about creativity — both in how you deliver your program and how you market it. Your technology shouldn’t put you in a box and dictate how you run your business. 

But, that’s exactly what most coaching software does. It’s an all-in-one solution… for ONE way of coaching. You’re locked into running your program one way. 

Oh and want to add online courses or a membership to your coaching business? Sorry.

WishList Member unlocks your creativity to build and market your coaching program however you choose. Plus, easily add online courses, monthly memberships and online services to maximize your earning potential.

WishList Member Lets You Run Your Entire Coaching Business Using a Single Integrated Platform

Easily Collect Payments With Over 25+ Supported Payment Providers

WishList Member integrates with all the popular shopping carts including PayPal, Stripe, Infusionsoft, etc… so you can easily collect payments inside the exact same platform where you’ll deliver your coaching program.

Use the payment platform you know and love, integrate upsells, bump offers, bundles and more. Market and sell the way you want instead of being locked into a platform’s cookie-cutter payment pages and flow.

WishList Member also integrates with 20+ email and marketing automation providers and several dozen third-party services including Zapier, Slack, Elementor, LearnDash and more.


Automatically Create Individualized Client Accounts

When a new client does register to your coaching program, WishList Member can automatically create a WordPress page just for them (that only they have access to) where you can post all your video recordings, meeting notes — everything you deliver for them. 

You can also create “community” pages that all your clients have access to in order to deliver important instructions, bonuses, etc… again, all automatically when a new client joins your coaching program.

Deliver Content Your Way Using the Industry-Standard WordPress Publishing Platform

Because WishList Member is a WordPress plugin, you’ll be creating your content using the industry-standard publishing platform that currently powers over 455 million websites and is used by Sony, Time Magazine, CNN, Disney and more.

Post videos, audio recordings, written text, PDFs, image files, .zip files — whatever format you prefer, WordPress can handle it. Plus, install over 10,000+ free plugins from the WordPress repository to add even more functionality to your site.

Market & Sell Your Way

Want to offer an online course to your coaching clients? No problem. You can sell it using the exact same payment provider you use to sell your coaching — and they can access it inside the exact same coaching account. 

Memberships, a premium podcast, digital downloads — however you want to build your business… it can be sold and delivered using the exact same software and your clients can access inside the exact same account — one login for everything.

What Other Coaches Say

Chris Lema

The Level Actions module of Wishlist Member is tailor made for coaches. It allows you to define a trigger-based logic system within your membership site. One of the options is to create a new Pay Per Post. As a coach, the idea that I could add coaching clients to a plan, and then automatically create a new private page created just for them, where I can leave videos of our calls (for example) is awesome!

Chris Lema

Writer, Speaker & Coach

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